Pax vobiscum, pilgrims of the 12th Dimension!

So, to be honest, I’d never heard of the group ‘Naturally 7‘ before.  If anything, it was a colleague at work that mentioned the group in passing, and I found out that they’d be performing at The Barbican.  Call me elitist, but you can always ascertain the quality of music by what shows they put on. And with the London Underground tube strike going on at the moment, I’d have rather gone home & recover from this bad hayfever at the moment. However, I reckon I’d ought to give them the benefit of a doubt & see if they’d be worth the effort.
So, how best to describe Naturally 7? Well, think a cappella group Take 6, then throw in some beat-boxing, lighting razz-matazz, and you’re still nowhere close to how good these dudes are:

Naturally 7 at london barbican

To those who managed to get to the performance despite the best efforts of the tube strike to throw a snafu on the gig, I’m sure  you  enjoyed the show as much as I did:

Naturally 7 at london barbican

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for the whole show, and this being the Barbican, there’s a certain restriction as to when & where you can take pictures from, so I had to make do with the f/2.8 70-200 and Monopod and lack of lighting, so had to shoot at ISO 3200 between 1/9oth-1/180th, depending on the light:

Naturally 7 at london barbican

So, check out their website, or better still, you can sample their music via Itunes. To be honest, it’s still no substitute for a live performance:

Naturally 7 at london barbican

Anyway, it’s past my bed time & I have 1,000 & 1 pictorial things to deal with at work tomorrow, so g’night!


2 thoughts on “Naturally 7 at The Barbican, London

  1. Have seen/heard them a few times in NYC – and they are great. Musically interesting and captivating, and personally uplifting.

    And your photos really catch their spirit. Thanks.

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