Wotcha Pilgrims.  Just got back from Morocco yesterday evening.  I should have put this blog up on the final night on Saturday, but the Press Room was closed by the time we arrived from the final concert.

Speaking of the concert, the Canadian Loreen McKennitt, who was supposed to have closed the festival, had to cancel due to personal reasons. The last minute replacement was Malian Kora legend, Tounami Diabete with his band, Le Symmetric Orchestra:

World Sacred Music Festival


I doubt Ms. McKennit would have been able to get the crowds dance up and down, even allowed some people on the stage.  My God, even the photographers could get close enough for a change, even if it was a bit manic!


No, I believe Tounami Diabete was a great choice for the finale.  If it were a sombre performance, it would have been sacred ‘overkill’.

The closing encore was a collaboration between the Aissawa and Hamadcha Sufi Brotherhoods and Tounami Diabete & his Orchestra.  Since Sufism is the Soul of Fez,  I reckon it was appropriate to end the festival:



Thus concluded my 9 days covering the festival.  It’s been a great & enriching experience, and a big thank you to those that gave me the opportunity to go out there and cover the event. You know who you are. 🙂

Away from the music, though, the highlights have been the warm hospitality of the people; the Streets of the Old City in the Medina:

Old Medina, FezThe food was amazing.  I don’t think I’m going to eat couscous again until I go back to Morocco.  The cats of Fez, haggling, the tea-drinking, the list goes on.  Here’s to the next year!

Old Medina


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