Vobiscum, Ye Pilgrims of the 12th Dimension!

Yesterday evening was the 2nd day of celebrations commemorating Island Records 50th year in existence.  The line up was something of an acquired taste and to be honest, the performances  just seemed sterile from all 3 acts on stage.  I just didn’t get that ‘Kablam-o!! effect from any of them! In no particular order, the line up included Steel Pulse:

Steel Pulse at  the Island Records 50th Annniversary

The Fratellis: (who came on flaming late!)

Island Records 50th Annniversary

and finally, Bombay Bicycle Club:

Island Records 50th Annniversary 

By The Great Pix! You guys had a stage and full house! Do something! I ended up with each act, leaving before the end of the 2nd song. That’s how uninspired I was.

If anything, I had more fun chatting with the security team at the Stage door during breaks and learning new Nikon tricks from a photographer who happens to be a writer on Amateur Photographer magazine.

Here’s hoping tonight is more interesting… if I even get a gig, that is. 🙂


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