Going to take pictures at a Live Music gig at times is like going on Blind Date TV show with Cilla Black with you having 3 contestants vying for your attention. As is always the case on the show in most instances, you normally pick the wrong person, thus  either finding yourself screwed or on Easy Street. And so I find myself in such a situation today at the Brixton Academy (02, to the corporate toffs out there!) to cover The Tings-Tings. The only thing I knew of this band is that their music accompanied that annoying Radio 1 commercial in the cinemas, so that didn’t feel me with any confidence whatsoever. Besides, I’m only ever at these gigs to take pictures, so if the music is really good, then it’s an added bonus.  

Of course, I had no idea that The Ting-Tings were the main headliners, and that the warm up acts were going to kick off as of 7.30.  First on the list was V.W. Brown, and may I just say, she totally surprised me.  Until that moment, I had never heard any of her music, and I can faithfully say that she’s made a believer out of me.  With her shaking that tambourine, she looked and performed like a younger version of Tina Turner.  


VV Brown(I am so ticked off with myself for ‘cutting’ her foot off in the frame above!)


VV Brown


VV Brown

The only gripe I had with her performance was from a pictorial perspective. First, due to her quiff/fringe, (delete where applicable) you could barely see her eyes. Secondly, well, I’d have said lighting, but this is Live Music Photography: It’s always the same!

Which leads us to the second act, ‘We are Enfant Terrible‘. Let me just say for the record & with no fear of reprisals, that this group was indeed terrible to my musical sensibilities. By the Great Pix!  I know that there is supposed to be an  ‘acquired taste‘ for certain musical stylings , but this bands’ ‘creative sound’ was like Marmite to my ears, and yes, I hated it.  I honestly think that V.V. Brown got a bad deal with the line-up:


All I can say is: Thank God for ear-plugs and the will to walk out during any set!

Finally, The Ting-Tings. The jury is still out, and I don’t care how rammed the venue was today by fans that came out to hear their music. But hey: I’m not a Music critic, (Yeah, right!) I’m just here to take the snaps.  That said, my shots of the band actually sucked, truth be told. Oh, well. There’s always room for improvement:

The Ting Tings


The Ting Tings

(All Images on this blog are © Pixgremlin Aworan)

I’ve just realised that the time is going 02.26am, and it’s way past my bed time. Shots were taken using Nikon gear, and ISOs ranged between 640-1100. Used standard F/2.8 24-70 and Sigma f/2.8 70-200.  Have a good night, pilgrims.


2 thoughts on “Ting-Tings, VV Brown & We are Enfant Terrible.

  1. Oh I like The Tings Tings, I adore their catchy tunes. I have heard a lot about V. W. Brown from articles in various magazines but never heard her music. I will check her out.

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