War is the continuation of politics through other means.‘- Count Carl von Clausewitz

I’m not a political commentator, but like everyone, I am entitled to making a comment either through word or visual medium.

Yesterday saw a gathering of over a hundred thousand Tamils to protest against the plight of their fellow countrymen in Sri Lanka.  Similar protests occurred globally among the Tamil Diaspora.  The protest started off from Embankment and finally made its way down to Hyde Park Speakers corner.


The weather wasn’t going to dampen people’s resolve to draw to the world the plight of the Tamils in their Mother Country. The young, old, grannies, parents, students, activists: you name it were all came out in once voice to cry out about the situation.



To summerise what’s going on, the Tamils want their own Independent Land and control away from the ruling Sinhalese government, and thus the creation of the Tamil Tigers. However, the government will not stand for any form of secession, and there have been serious repercussions & casualties along the way, namely the civilians.



In recent months, it would seem that the Goverment has been more draconian in its methods to resolve the situation, and the Tamil Tigers are fighting and seem more desperate than ever. Once again it is the civillians who are caught in the crossfire.

Yesterday’s demonstration was needed.  The impression I got was a genuine call for action to take place, irrespective of one’s political or social affiliation.  Not everyone who attended the march is a Tamil Tiger sympathiser; there were a couple of Sinhalese people who came down to show their support.  The protest was a global call to stop to stop the bloodshed on both sides.




I truly hope that the situation resolves peacefully because it has seriously gotten out of hand and we need to be humanitarians.  If not, it might just end up a worse situation than Biafra.

14 thoughts on “Tamil Protest

  1. thank you for publishing the article, please carry on your work to bring justice for a ethnic minority which is being massacared by the evil srilanka government !

    hope these protests open the eyes of the every democratic country and its people to help the poor tamils.

  2. Great images. I especially found the photo of the child holding onto a pram quite emotive as the expression is one of deep thought and sadness. It expresses to me that children understand the sadness of war and bloodshed in the world, even though they may not be directly involved in it.
    Insightful pics; thanks.

  3. Thank you for the pictures…
    Its made me much more understand than before…
    It’s kinda show how horible the condition was, made other Tamils around the world (esp. UK) reacted to show that they’re care about their mother land and their society…

  4. The article is simple and awesome

    //there were a couple of Sinhalese people who came down to show their support.//
    Its a great news.

    I know a girl from North dating a sinhalese guy here. That sinhalese brother is the best person I ever seen. he is so understanding. But, few sinhalese told that they have to shoot this person who is dating a girl from North. Thats the attitude of young sinhalese here.

    Tamils do not have faith in Sinhalese government. People talk about the raid happened in 1983 and give a reason as tigers shot their police officers. Tigers started everything in 1975. So, what was the reason for 1958 raid? Why so much tamils were killed. Why kids were but in boiling tar barrels in 1958. The government started the killing job long time back, because Tamils were are smart and get into respected jobs. Tamil students get into local universities just like that. Tamils were a treat for others as they are being the managers of many government organisations even.

    There is a clause in the constitution. Only a buddist sinhalese can be a president. Why they need a buddist sinhales. why cant they say an educated and civilised sri lankan can be a president. A person can be elected twice as president. Is not that a stupidest clause of a constitution. They are giving a second change for these politicians to fill their swiss bank account and ruin the country.

    Politicians are just the same. But, sri lankan politicians went to another level. They are buddist and what buddha says. Love all serve all. They love them only and serve them only.

    How many girls were raped and killed. The army even hammered sharp tool in a little girl’s and mothers privates after raping them, hang them on the roof and shot them. After seeing such pic do any of you would have guts to believe in the sri lankan government.

    They simply say that the freedom fighters keep bombs in colombo. Rajapakse does not even give a damn about his own people. Would not it be Rajapakse who did it and use an excuse to wipe up tigers and tamils.

    How many journalists were killed for writing articles against him. He does not give a damn to anyone. He made roads, he gave ID cards for the kandy estate tamils, he did few things to ensure that people vote him next time.

    Look at his face, dont u feel scared to look at his pic even.

    The youngsters doing great job in UK. my aunt called me from UK and told me what they are doing. I wish I can convery my thanks to them. Heard there is a guy who lost his entire family is fasting as well. I just want to tell you something brother. I believe my mom will be still safe, in that case if a door opens and if we can go back to our mother land, you have us as your family. I am looking for your contact number to just talk a few words. I pray for you. Thats the only thing I can do as protest is illegal in the place where I study.

  5. I would like to thank for your excellent coverage and pictures of the protest. As we all know the media has their eyes closed and ensuring no major news are published on their website.

    Keep up the excellent work

    All the best


  6. Thank you for the wonderful article. As a Tamilian i really apprecite your work to bring out the current situation of Sri Lanka and the plight of Tamils to save their family and friends back home. If you could visit Westminister Parliament square to see the 8th day of protest held by students & the hunger strike please do so.
    Thank you, Keep up the good work.

    To Munz,
    I really touched by your words(I believe my mom will be still safe, in that case if a door opens and if we can go back to our mother land, you have us as your family). If you want to have a word with him send me your contact no to my email (thusha19_g@hotmail.com).

  7. thanks for showing the world about
    what really is happening and show
    that till last tamil is alive we will
    fight for our homeland in any ways

  8. Thank you for your words and for the wonderful pictures that you have posted. I was there at the march – the first I have ever been to. I was born and brought up here in the UK and have thankfully never had to suffer under a government that regards their own citizens as less than animals and can kill them without a single thought, who live in a fantasy world where they are gods and their Tamil citizens are mere ants that they can squash under their feet, where a free press is just a myth and where a web of lies allows them to continue to call themselves a democracy! We took our 13 year old son on the march, who felt passionately that he needed to go and support his fellow Tamils in Sri Lanka, and I was moved to tears to see the sheer number of people, of all ages and from all walks of life, walking and chanting together in unity to make a stand against inhumanity and injustice. My only anger was felt after the event when not a single mention was heard about the march on the main TV channels, radio or newspapers! Why? Because 200,000 people went into central London on a rainy Saturday afternoon and protested peacefully – with dignity and with respect for the authorities and for other people’s property. No banks were broken into, no people assaulted, so obviously not deemed newsworthy – a sad reflection on today’s society!
    I hope these pictures somehow find their way to the people in Vanni, to let them know that we are trying all that we can to help and support them. Our prayers are with them all, and our gratitude goes to all who have the courage to tell the truth about what is going on in Sri Lanka.

  9. Thank you for your supportive words. There should be an immediate permanent ceasefire followed by humanitarian aids monitored and delivered by independent international organisations without the interference of Govt of Sri Lanka.

    Once the displaced community is resettled in their OWN HOME TOWN UN should conduct an independent referendum without the interference of GoSL and Tamil organisation regarding the future of Tamil Nation. Tamil Diasporas have voted in unprecedented majority that two state solution is the only solution to the peace in the Island.

    Lets unit together to stop another Rwanda, if not worse, in the 21st centurary to repeat.

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