There are some live music gigs, as a photographer, that you just don’t want to go to. Some guys hate classical concerts, and many loathe jazz (Musical neanderthals!!) For me, it’s not just because of the music, but the unexpected, especially when you’re just about to renew your equipment insurance.  I was asked yesterday to cover the start of the NME Shockwave tour at Islington Academy.  The brand NME is enough to tell me to be very cautious with my camera and after a similar gig a year ago, i still have beer droplets on the mirror of my camera.  The performer was Brody Dalle (yeah, i had no idea who she was till yesterday as well!) The irony is that some of the best life music pictures are normally from Rock, punk, rave concerts and the like.   Anyway, I said a prayer and made my way down. Now, I wrote a blog years ago about black women at music venues. Well, yesterday seemed like the turn of ‘rock chicks’.  The kind of behaviour I saw yesterday, I did not expect from the women. Not all of them, I may add, but damn!  I even had to laugh when security warned me of potential ‘crowd surfing’.  Like I said, I love my gear, so I only stayed for 5 minutes and just got me a couple of shots. To all the NME togs’  out there like Danny North, Andrew Kendell and the likes, I salute you!:

Brody Dalle at 02 Islington Academy

Brody Dalle at 02 Islington Academy, London



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