Wotcha, true believers & Pilgrims out there.

I’m finally back in the office from art directing a shoot with a fantastic photographer, Peter Searle.  For those out there that think that photography is as easy boiling an egg, then think again.(Heck, I doubt most people reading this can even boil an egg right!) The shoot was at a fashion outlet in London, and I swear, it seemed like something out from ‘Ugly Betty’.  Nearly everyone was waif-thin, literally watching the calories  and walked about as if the whole world is a catwalk.  I’ll stick to the beauty of voluptuous beings, thank you very much!  Back to the shoot, though: Peter and his team always work under pressure and have always delivered the right shots as briefed, and being on this shoot has given me again a new-found respect for photographers that go out on commissioned shoots, especially those who are passionate about the job in hand and are open to suggestions.  If you knew how much time, effort, retouching and equipment goes into getting the picture, you’d probably think twice before demanding for a picture without paying!

Speaking of passionate, my enthusiasm didn’t spike yesterday while covering Black Kids at Koko. Maybe it was the music, maybe I was tired, or maybe I just wanted good lighting and it never truly revealed itself, I don’t know. My God, even security were polite!! I need a holiday:

Black Kids



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