Women of Hampi

I love this picture.  I love it so much it’s now my desktop wallpaper at work.  I just reminds of me of such a great time I had in India.  One of the best trips I’ve had in years.

If there was one thing that I picked up on while out in India is, in my opinion, the lack of compliments women get for their beauty.  All I’d have to do is ask whether I can take a picture of the subject and comment (through either a translator or my limited Tamil/International body Language!) how beautiful they are. It’s like an alien concept to some of the ladies to be commended and they go all shy. 🙂  While on the topic, I reckon that if  you’re a guy reading this, you ought to compliment a woman in your life for her beauty. And ladies, if you haven’t had anyone praise your beauty in a while, you should get up right now, look into a mirror and declare that you’re a gorgeous sculptured work of art! 😉

So, it’s been nearly a week since returning from India.  I’ve already been asked whether I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms. What kind of insensitive person would ask that kind of question from me?!? Of course I am! It’s about 2something degrees out there at the moment as winter compared to our single figure temperature in London: you work it out, brainiac!

It was a blessing being out in South India. I got to meet some amazing people and my only regret is that I never did get to spend as much time as I would have loved to.  Then again, how can you truly cover a landscape a gigantic as India in just nearly under a month and really savour the sights, sounds and people?  Sure, there will always be other times to go back, but have you tried queuing up at the Indian Visa Office in London these days? It’s enough to put you off.

The one thing that I also wanted to focus on was my street photography, but I just never did get around doing that. Maybe it was my fear that I’d be stopped on and asked 1000 & 1 questions, and that’s the last thing I needed. Who knows? There was also one particular person that I should have shot when I had nearly 40 minutes with him, but I was just enjoying his company too much to get distracted by photography. Maybe another time.

Oh, one more thing: should you find yourself being asked to go to a place called ‘Mysore‘, you might want to rethink that suggestion. I would, though, highly recommend a sleepy town called ‘Hampi‘.

One last thing, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who made the trip especially a great one. So, here’s a list and if I missed out your name in writing, please forgive: Supasta and the ‘musical family’ with Chiti & Chitkala (did I spell that right?); Veenay; Shakti; all the guys at AM; Madras Mozart, and all your family;  Mr.K;  KJ & Siva K; my Chennai Dentist (he comes highly recommended!; ‘Totu’ and all of that lovely dessert;  all the ‘lousy talented punks’ out there who were humble enough to give me some time to take their pictures; and all the willing subjects whom I also shot (and the list goes on!) Most importantly, thank you, G. 🙂

And here are the rest of the shots that I like, anyway:

Sleeping in Mysore:





Dr. L. Subramaniam & Son at the Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival  in Hampi:



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