With the economic downturn at the moment affecting practically everyone, being a photographer, especially a live music photographer, can be a challenge, that’s why if you’re thinking of a career in photography, don’t just limit yourself to one aspect. Better still, you might want to have a fall back career, just in case.

Before leaving for India, I found out that the Behemoth, Getty Images, bought out Redferns music picture library.  I’d love to see what the T&C’s are now for freelancers. It gets me thinking all the time: what does the future hold for Live Music photography? Would exclusivity to pictures only be privy to the big boys like Getty, PA and the likes? What’ll happen to the smaller companies that refuse to bow down to take-overs? Is it worth the palaver? Have giant corporations, massive egos from artists and maniacal press control from PR agents finally sucked the remaining remnants of life from this once great photographic institute? Time will tell, and probably sooner than we think.

For now, though, it’s back to at least getting the shots and hopefully sending them out and hopefully expect some returns.  I was asked to cover an Irish singer called Camille O’ Sullivan at the Roundhouse yesterday night.  This being the first gig of the year, it was a pleasure not being treated like cattle in trying to get her picture and although we weren’t put at the front of stage, it was with good reason.  If you’ve never seen this sultry lady perform, I suggest you see her at least once.  She has such raw energy that gets entwined with the emotions of the songs she’s singing that even I had stayed back for a couple of songs.  She might not be to everyone’s taste, but she does have stage charisma. Speaking of stage, she’d actually come off and interact with the audience like it were some kind of cabaret show set in circa 1930s Germany (Cabaret the Movie, anyone?)

Camille O' Sullivan

Camille O' Sullivan

Camille O' Sullivan

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