I’ve just had ‘The Hindu’ Newspaper delivered to my hotel room and out of curiosity, I decided to check the Matrimonial pages, because I’ve was told that you’d find the funniest ‘chat-up’ lines. Nothing funny about that, I can tell you.  In the West, the ad would normally go along the lines of: ‘Single female WLTM M, 28-35, GSOH,must be sensitive, kind, caring.’ etc. Or maybe something poetic, albeit it corny, clichéd or outright naff: ‘Romeo seeking his Juliet; The moon looking for his star’.  Well, over here, it’s the polar opposite.  It’s all about what you have materially and family upbringing that counts.  I’m not knocking any of this. On the contrary, what ever works goes, but have a look at these ads:


I mean, has any real thought with emotions gone into some of these ads? Where is the love, I ask you?!?! Tell me this: if you were a woman and read any of these ads, would you be tickled or tempted a little?

Anyway, have 100&1 things to do, so have to dash off!


2 thoughts on “WLTM….in Chennai. (Day 3)

  1. Hi, loved reading your posts and seeing your pics. Very interesting views on our cluture. I am an old friend of Geetha’s who lives in Mylapore, Chennai. Would have loved to meet you when you were here but we couldn’t meet. Maybe some day.

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