This isn’t my first time in South India, but whenever I come into Chennai, I just get stares. Now, I’m not talking about the normal one quick stare and move on. No, I’m talking about the stop and stare, and then  stare again.  Of course, it’s because I’m a black dude.  Let’s not forget the fact, of course, that there are people blacker than me here, and I’m talking even 5 past midnight black!

If you’ve ever thought you’ve been in bad traffic with crazy drivers, then wait till you try and Chennai.  The auto rickshaw drivers are a dodgy breed and will try to scam you as best as they can. They have no idea which Nigerian they are playing the haggling game with! Drivers here are maniacs! Traffic code: what traffic code? As long as they don’t hit a cow, then everything is game!

If you ever find yourself in Alwarpete, Chennai, then you have to try out a new dessert bar called Sin.  I would highly recommend the Cheesecake, and that’s one hell of a recommendation, considering that I’m not much of a sweet-tooth:




Speaking of food, I cannot complain about the dishes I’ve been eating so far. The Keralan food is the best so far. Only thing that I try to avoid is the breakfast: Idli and dosa.  What the duece?!?! I tried to have ordered bacon and sauages, but my ignorance came out shining.  So none of that tarnished stuff back in ol’ blighty.  I did have a Masala Omelette, though.

Right. Time to switch off for the day.


One thought on “It's a black guy in Chennai! Day 1

  1. You don’t have to be black for the Indian’s to stare at you! Everytime I visit India they seem to stare at me too! Don’t understand??????

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