Pax Vobiscum, pilgrims!

So, there I was, thinking I was getting back to blogging, and what happens? Yours Truly ends up with an almighty flu bug. A word to the wise: if you have holidays, use them wisely. Your body does need rest and if you push it too hard, you’ll end up feeling the pain.

So, on that account, I did miss a couple of gigs and the mojo for writing. But, I’m back again, so I’m thankful to God.

I believe in smiling. I really do. I’ve seen it defuse many potential damaging situation; helped to make new friends; show appreciation; I mean, if it takes energy to frown/scrowl/have a look of death to which many have perfected as a facial art, why not smiling? You know that line, “If looks could kill?” Well, I can confidentely say that if that were the case, the majority of Londoners would be dead by now. Don’t get me wrong: there will be moments where smiling is the last thing you want to do. Even I have my ‘A.M look of vexation/“I will smite thee if thou touch me”‘ look at times. That’s why I’ve decided that, by the Grace of God, each way to work and back, I’m going to smile. As a Christain, I believe that the Joy of the Lord is my Strength. And because I believe that, I see no reason why I can’t smile. Even if you’re not a Christain, just cast your mind back to a really nice memory, reminise about it and smile. Now, I’ve only started this recently, and living in London, smiling first thing in the morning and people are naturally suspicious of you. I’ve noticed some people either back up slowly and cautiously, or gaze with a look of “this guy is high on something!” But it’s all good. It’s my face, hence my facial reasoning. If anything, I reckon it actually freaks a couple of people out in the season that if they had any intention to make life difficult for you for one reason or the other, they’d think twice.

But I’m rambling. I’ve done a couple of gigs lately, but to be honest I’ve been stuck behind the desk more than going out taking shots. However, here’s what I have done:

Tricky at the Barbican:

(All I can say about this gig as a photographer is that it was so dark that you could have inserted finger in nose and picked at it at your heart’s content and not have anyone frown or look at you with contempt!)

Sam Beeton at Soho Revue Club:

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba at the Barbican:


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