What would possess a man, woman or child over a specific height, to voluntarily strap themselves into a rocket contraption just to experience a thrill orgasm/ultimate rush? So I find myself pondering over this thought while being pinned down by the G-Force  from the Stealth Ride at Thorpe Park.  Oh, and just in case you’re wondering what this Stealth Ride is, have a look at this:

While my tummy is churned into spreadable ‘gut-lite‘, with my lungs screaming out to the high heavens, I keep telling myself, “This is the last ride I’m going on…THIS IS THE LAST RIDE I AM GOING ON!! . Of course, immediately we get off the ride, I’m suggesting to the missus that we should go on another or vice versa.  It’s crazy.  It’s funny but back when I was a young ‘invincible buck‘ I would have no qualms on going on these rides, no matter how bad-ass they’d been advertised to dare you against machine. I guess the older you get, you realise that your mortality is actually as cranked up as it ought to be. Another thought that crossed my mind while my legs were dangling for dear life was whether a theme park would make any business in Nigeria?  I can just picture the marketing campaign now!

With all that excitement, you’d think I’d chill when I got home. Actually, no: I had to go out and cover Gym Class Heroes. To be honest, most of the shots came out nearly blurred. I still haven’t recovered from the rides, I guess.  Anyway, here’s one shot that seems ok:

Ok: it’s 23.37, and it is way past my bed time. Good night, pilgrims!


2 thoughts on “From G to Gym Class Heroes.

  1. Whoo…those rides always give me a rush.

    I saw GCH last year, it was a pretty good concert…funny enough, all the pics I took came out blurry too! P.S-Am I the only one that thinks the dark skinned one is Nigerian?

    How have you been love?

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