I was at church yesterday morning, and the pastor asked a poignant question: “What is our motivation in seeking God? Is it out of a genuine love, or for what we reckon we can get out of it?” This got me thinking, and not just about my relationship with God. On numerous occassions, many people & myself included, assume God to be a Genie in the Lamp. Just rub hard, make a wish and He’ll grant your every desire immediately. Well, it’s not as straightforward as that.  You first have to have a relationship with Him and then everything else follows. (Matthew 6:33)  It’s deflating when people say God doesn’t answer prayers and start to moan.  You have to ask: what’s the motivation behind the prayer?  Even if we don’t go down the spiritual or faith path, everything we do and each act we commit, what’s our motivation, or incentive behind it?  Be it in our relationships with family or friends, sports, work, you name it.  Is it because we might have a hidden agenda to further our on desires, or do we take action because we just want to care, with no strings attached?  Just a thought to bear in mind, and I guess that’s the reason why I’ve written today’s blog.

On a lighter note, here are a couple of shots that I took last night to conclude the celebration of music to commemorate Heavenly Records at Royal Festival Hall:

Dot Allison:

St Etienne (Sarah Cracknell):

Little Ones:

Dr Robert:

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