I had written a whole new blog late yesterday night, ready for everyone to read this morning. What happens? It’s missing. I had saved the draft, but now it’s missing. Oh, well. Murphy’s Law!

So, I decided to run with another story. Have a look at this clip:

From what I gather, my pariah of brethren, the paparazzo, tried to take pictures of Kanye West. Of course, the rapper wasn’t having any of it, thus doing the next best thing: taking direct action. And talk about action!

I didn’t feel anything for the pap. I mean, if you have the brass balls to go ‘face to snap’ with a rapper wearing a hoodie and is also with his entourage, then you only have yourself to blame. And probably, you might make a mint out of the situation, considering the celebrity involved. (Kanye’s been arrested, from the last news piece I read)

I actually felt more sorry for the camera: the force with which that camera and flash was hurled to the ground and destroyed into a hundred particles is every photographers’ nightmare, irrespective of who’s holding it. I had to play that part over and over again!! Oh, the humanity!

The sad thing about it all is this: This pap’s stunt might inadvertely scuttle live music photographers from actually having the opportunity to shoot Kanye at his next gig. I hope you’re proud of yourself, Mr. Papparazzi!!

Thankfully, nothing drastic like that at all at the Nicole Emmanuelle gig at Pizza on the Park. The lovely lass sings like Billie Holiday. I envisage great things for this amazing singer. Of course, she did have a great team behind her: Alex Webb on Piano, Gary Crosby on Double Bass and the drummer. (I have to get his name!) For a better review, check Jack Massarik’s review from today’s London Evening Standard:


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