Wotcha, Pilgrims!

Here’s an obvious question: where would any celebrity, musician or performer be without their fans? Well, nowhere, of course. It’s the fans that make the stars. In many instances, it’s an unholy alliance, but there it is! And so I find myself chatting with some die-hard fans today before Neyo’s Performance at The Indigo, London, thus continuing with my previous blog about fans:

Fan 1: “Excuse me, are you a photographer?” (considering the fan sees me holding 2 cameras and a photo-pass plastered on my shirt!)

Me: “Yeah, I’m a photographer.”

Fan 2: “Wow!! I bet you get to meet and chat to all the celebrities!!”

Me: “No, not really. And besides, of what benefit to my well being would my meeting a ‘celebrity’ do for me?”

Fan 2: “Because you’re a photographer, and I bet you get to meet them back stage and go to the parties!!”

Me: (Sighing) “If I had £5 ever time I heard that assumption….”

Fan 1: “It’s not an assumption…you have a pass!! I wish I had your job!!”

Me: (Trying to change the topic)I’m guessing you’re a big fan of Neyo’s…”

Fan 1 & 2: “Oh, we love him.. we fancy him!!” (Fan 2 shows me her home-made T- shirt with ‘Neyo’ sewn on)

Me: “Clearly… so, tell me: what would you do if he came up to you?”

Fan 2: “I’d die!! Do you think he’ll take this shirt I made for him?”

Fan 1: ” Do you reckon I can touch him?”

Me: “Unless you’re willing to jump over this barrier, smack down security and finally tussle Neyo to the ground, I’d say your chances are pretty slim.. besides, why would you want to go through all that effort, anyway?”

Fan 1 (With a serious voice): “Because I want to make love to him on the stage!”

Maybe she was kidding or even a bit tipsy, but at that split second, she had a demented look in her eyes of one who just might pull such a stunt off:

Me: “You do realise that you can’t force a person to make love to you. If anything, It’ll constitute as rape. Besides, wouldn’t such an act come across as a bit ‘desperate’ ??”

Fan 1: “But I love him so!!!”

Anyway, here’s a picture of Neyo’s dedicated fans. (Fan 1is Holding the shirt, while fan 2 is obscured by fan 1’s Neyo shirt, but you can see her hand giving the thumbs up!)

Enough of the yak: here are some shots of Neyo on the night:

***All Images Copyrighted © Akin Aworan. All Rights Reserved!***  Published work found here.

Oh, I have to point this out, though. Just a couple of days ago I was at Indigo to cover ‘Return to Forever’, and everything was just fine with regards to entrance and stuff. Yet, for today’s gig, it was metal detectors galore! Speaks volume about how certain types of music is associated with certain stereotypes, although Neyo’s music is harmless stuff..


3 thoughts on “Loyal fans & Neyo at London Indigo.

  1. Neyo is cool, I wish I could have gone to see him. LOL at the fans that want to “rape” him in public! I can understand the misconception behind your job though. It sounds like fun to go to gigs all the time 🙂

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