Back at university, I had to study a course module on ‘Fandom’. A fan, by definition, is a person enthusiastic about a specified sport, pastime, or performer; devotee who could scarily be obsessed into worshipping somewhat of a demi-god, preferably as mentioned as above. Don’t get me wrong: we are all fans of one thing or another. I’m a fan of some really good jazz bands and some authors.

But If there’s one thing that I can’t understand and I doubt I ever will, is staying out and braving the elements just to see celebrities on the red carpet, just because I’m a fan. On numerous occasions I’ve walked through Central London and there’s a huge crowd of people waiting just to get a glimpse of a movie star or a ‘wannabe’. Sure, a couple of stars might do the obligatory walk-about like a Royal, (in some, ironic way, they are!) and sign some autographs; pose to the photographers and paparazzi; point to the anonymous somebody in the crowd, wave and smile with a big cheesy grin to boot. The scary thing is: no matter the weather or situation, there’ll always be the undying loyal devotee who will be there, just for a scrap of recognition from a star and hope just to be spoken to, touched or even acknowledged! I mean, honestly: what would you possibly do if a star got chatting to you? Besides, you’d have to deal with their chaperone, their PR agencies.

Speaking of PR, I have to laugh at times of how some them behave within the industry. I really do have to chuckle at times. Every now and then, a musician or performer rolls into town, and as is normally the case, I request for a pass or accreditation. 5 out of 10 times, the pass is normally given, for which I am truly thankful for. However, in many instances you rarely get an acknowledged email with a response as to whether you’ve got a pass or not. Yet, the same PR companies have no qualms at all to ‘invite’ you to come down for a press and photo- call to take pictures of their new client who’s in town, and they need all the press they are going to get, so as show their client what a magnificent job they are doing in raising their profile. Hang on a minute: you want me to come out when it’s convenient for you, but when I request something from you, it’s a struggle? Now you have an idea why this industry can be so fickle at times. 🙂 But it’s all good.

The tag-line “The most eagerly anticipated…” is such a desecrated term these days that it’s bestowed on anything and anyone. Yet, if there’s ever a band that said tag-line should rightly be attributed to, it’s yesterday’s performance of ‘Return to Forever’ at the Indigo o2 Yesterday. The legendary line up of Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Lenny White was a gig that brought crowds out. Amazing, amazing gig. Anyway, pictures from the night:

(**All Images copyright © Akin Aworan. All rights reserved**)

***just found out one of the images was published.. whoohoo.. 🙂


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