Knocking on wood, and the spoken expression “knock on wood” or “touch wood” are used to express a desire to avoid “tempting fate” after making some boast or speaking of one’s own death. (Wikipedia Definition)

If there’s one superstition that I always have to laugh at, it’s the need for people to say Touch wood!” Have you ever found yourself chatting to someone and the next minute, in a bid not to jinx themselves depending on what’s being discussed, say “Touch wood!”?  What’s even more funny is that even with no wood around, they proceed to tap their head as a replacement. I find it hilarious. There was this time that I was having a friend moan to me about something or the other, (I forget!) and because she didn’t want to ‘curse‘ the situation any more than what she was already in, she began to simultaneously tap not just the table with her hand and her feet on the chair,  but she was also rapping her head on a wooden beam. She even began muttering  “Touch Wood! Touch wood!!” like it was a mantra to the ‘Tree god’.  Maybe I was trying to be funny or facetious, or just being me, but I just said in a deadpan voice: “Girl, you can touch all the rain forest in the Amazon, it’s not going to solve the problem!” It kind of brought her to her senses…just for a couple of seconds, then she resumed her trance of mantra-muttering.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots from yesterday’s gig at Somerset House. The Feeling is not really my cup of tea, but I did think it was nice of them to have a loyal fan come up on stage and propose to his girlfriend:

Oh, here’s a guy who is worth looking out for: the name is Nick Harrison and he was yesterday’s support act:


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