“And forgive us our trespasses, (offenses, transgressions, mistakes) as we forgive those who trespass against us..” Matthew 6.12

One of the hardest things that we can encounter on a daily basis is the decision to forgive. When someone does something to tick us off and we find ourselves either hating or forgiving, I honestly believe that because we’re hurting, we start to pile up some anger within and then it grows into a real hatred. Now, let’s be honest: It’s hard to forgive. Oh, my God! Every single one of us have had situations where we face decisions as to whether to forgive or not. It’s hard, but by the Grace of God, it is possible. It’s easier said than done,

I had a situation yesterday while covering We are Scientists’. Some youngster deliberately threw some beer smack on me yesterday, while I was in the middle of changing camera lenses in the pit. Thankfully, no real damage took place, but anyone would be pretty miffed by that. Now, having stuff chucked at you in the pit is a daily occurrence at most live music gigs, but all it takes is the projectile aimed the wrong way hitting and causing some serious damage to your health, equipment or hygiene.I was that close in sending a well versed Yoruba curse. (There’s a huge difference between swear-words and curses, trust me!) Then it dawned on me: there would be nothing I can do. Whom would I accuse from a crowd that were all suspects? Being angry about it was just going to make me more ticked off and just stress me out. And sending a curse would just not be becoming. I did have to have a bath yesterday night: I smelt like dregs. Then again, it could have been the dregs chucked at me yesterday. 🙂

Anyway, Pictures from the night:

‘We are Scientists’:

I had high expectations for the warm up act. With a name like ‘Fight like Apes’, you’d think they’d deliver. Boy, was I disappointed. Half way through the set, I had to put my gear down because I didn’t know what to make of this band. Even the crowd seemed unresponsive. Oh, well; all the best to them:

‘Fight Like Apes’:

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