Thus concludes another year at Glastonbury, and may I just say that had it rained all over the weekend, it would have been the last Glastonbury for me. Then again, they’d probably have been famous last words.

Right now, I am tired and have to get myself sorted out. However, on the 3rd day at Glastonbury I did learn and observe the following:

Because you write for one of the national tabloids doesn’t automatically guarantee you exclusivity to certain areas, no matter how much you blag.

If you armed every person that came down to the festival (excluding all those under 13) we’d have a full-fledged army to invade a country. Then again, with what’s going on in Iraq, probably not a good idea.

Call me conservative, but having Amy Winehouse perform, with her present condition and all, was not the best move at all.

There is a deeper meaning to the term, ‘Power Trip’

Saying ‘please’ & ‘Thank you’ can make all the difference at times.

Without a shadow of doubt, this has been the best Glastonbury festival that I have been to. Yes, it has had it’s challenges and ups * downs, but it’s been fun all the way. I’d like to take this moment to thank the following people for making the experience worth it:

Terry (thanks for the lift!)

The press team at the Jazz Stage: Simon, Lois, Peter, Derek, Mo & Wozz ( I owe you dinner, Woz!).

The guys at the Goan Fish Curry Stand.

The lovely security girls situated at the Jazz Stage. (Yes, there were actually some nice security personnel for a change!)

Koichi-San (I had the nerve to tell him that he looked like Mr. Miyagi. Talk about stereotyping!!)

Here are some highlight shots of the performance from the day:

Leonard Cohen:

Manu Chao:

King Solomon Burke:

Eddy Grant:

Billy Cobham:

Before I sign this blog off, may I just take a moment to say how I truly feel about this piece of set flower design that was supposed to depict ‘green’, but ended up being abane to my visual creativity on the Jazz Stage:

Die, die, a thousand deaths, ye devilish contraption of distraction!! May you be uprooted and not ‘germinate’ for the next year! May whoever thought you up initially have the bright idea of having this ‘kitsch’ say to him/herself: “Oh, this crap that I have created might just actually be a major problem for the camera crews and photographers from shooting the acts! I know: I’ll get rid of them!!”

You’d honestly hope that’s what he/she’s thinking… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Glastonbury 2008 Day 3-Recap

  1. I haven’t been here in ages! how have you been? okay let me catch up with your pics…somehow I have missed them…

  2. Okay bros…seen all the pics I missed…loved them all…you know I really do have a list of my favourites? maybe when I have enough…we can go back to our roots and I can say “last price brother? do well for me na!”

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