Yesterday was the 2nd day of Glastonbury 2008, and let me introduce you for a second to the world of the Press tent. The way the photographers and the journalists interact is amazing. It all starts with how early you manage to snag a spare area to work over the weekend. It’s a bit like watching Wildlife documentaries: as certain animals mark their territory by urinating a certain patch, it’s not far off from how the media-pack behaves. I’m telling you, anthropologists would have field day here. (No pun intended!) Each area is marked off with gaffer tape and names emblazoned. Gear strewn everywhere, egos peaked to the high heavens. Yet, everyone is like little kids when they gather around for the morning papers, scouring to see if their work’s published. All in all, it’s good fun, if you know the game.

A couple of things I have come to realise in the number of years that I’ve been coming to Glastonbury:

1. Back Stage is over-rated.
2. If you’re a ‘celebrity’, and wander around the area where the press tent is, you only have yourself to blame if you’re snapped. That’s why there’s the ‘VVIP’ section for you guys.
3. They say that chocolate releases endorphins and all that happy feeling. I say that, with the sun coming out and baking the mud solid, good music pumping in the air, and an all round feel good factor, everyone is on a high.
4. Stay at the Jazz Stage: egos are parked outside, and you can actually get to interact with the musicians if you wanted to.

Speaking of meeting with musicians, I got chatting with rock photographer legend Jill Furmanovsky. A lovely and talented lady indeed. She promised me a picture with her later on.

Anyway, It’s day 3 today. Dark clouds are looming and I have to be out and about in 10 minutes. In the meantime, picture round up from yesterday’s amazing artists:

Eric Bibb:

Buddy Guy:

Manu Chao:

The Ranconteurs:


Mahmoud Ahmed (Ethiopiques):


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