Here’s a riddle for Yoruba people out there: what is the translation for the word, ‘automatic‘?  Granted, the concept of automatic is not in our vocabulary, but if we could come up with a term for the internet as Alantakun ti a mo si web’, (please forgive me if the spelling is wrong!) then I’m sure we have a term for automatic.  If anyone can get back to me with that, it would be appreciated.

London’s Massive Attack Meltdown Festival continued this weekend with performances of George Clinton and Terry Callier. Two very different styles of music, but interesting all the same. I’m more of a Callier fan, although that’s not to say that Clinton wasn’t fun. He just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Anyway, shots from the night(s)

George Clinton:

Terry Callier:

Oh, by the way: I saw a sight at the start of the George Clinton gig that might traumatise one’s sensibility from a Freudian perspective.  Sure, Fela used to wear Y-Briefs when he held court, but a grown man with a diaper during a live performance? You be the judge :-):

Parliament Funkadelic:


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