If ever there was an instance that I had a pure !@**&*&&*&*$$*!!^! situation, it was yesterday evening, compliments of ye faithful London Underground. I was dashing from one job to another that was taking place in Brixton, and the journey was going a-ok, with me thinking I had about 40 minutes to spare. That was until we got stuck near Stockwell station. Now, it wasn’t a couple of minutes being stuck, not even 10. It was nearly 30 whole minutes! Now, you might say, “what’s he whining about?” Well, when you’ve got a job to cover within 10 minutes that needs to be done, you’d understand my frustration. Maybe it was God’s way of teaching me patience; maybe it was foolish faith in the transit system in the country. Or it just could have been one of those moments in life that you can’t control. Whatever the reason, I came across within myself like a complete schmuck! I was totally out of character and all. Even the missus thought I was showing signs unbecoming. Besides, what could I have done? Jump out from the carriage and slapped a few bureaucrats?

Anyway, things happen, and no point complaining, right? 🙂

Suffice to say, I did manage to get some shots from last night’s gig:


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