If there is one question that I would like to have answered, it’s this: Did Craig David have Leigh Francis, creator of Cult TV Show, Bo’Selecta!, on the guest list for his performance last night at Sheperd’s Bush Empire? (In case you have no idea of the connection or what I’m on about, click here) If he hadn’t, he ought to have. There was something about Craig David’s performance yesterday that was lacking that ‘Ka-pow‘ factor. Yes, people were queuing around the block for the show; yes, it was a sold out performance; and yes! People did have high expectations, especially me because I do like some of Mr. David’s work. Personally, I just wasn’t feeling the vibe. Pictorially, I couldn’t get a shot that captured the spirit of the gig. Maybe I’m tired, or maybe the performance in question just felt ‘laboured’. Who knows? maybe the paying punters would have left the performance either half empty or half full. Now, I know a couple of Craig David fans who, should they ever read this condensed write-up about his performance, would like nothing more than to have me drawn and quartered. Well, join the queue! 🙂

I did enjoy the warm up act, Mamas Gun. I wrote about them not too long ago and waxed lyrical about how they were better than the main performer. It seems that lighting can strike twice at the same place. They were much better than Craig David. Now, I could be saying that out of a bias, or from the heart. You be the judge. Either way, shots from the night:

Mamas Gun’s Andy Potts:


4 thoughts on “"Bo! It's Kreg Day-vid" : Craig David & Mamas Gun Live Pictures.

  1. Gasp! Negative words about my favorite British hunk of deliciousness?

    Hmm…Well i still like this picture and Mr David is too hot….So there….I just stuck my tongue out at you by the way

  2. I was at the Cambridge Corn Exchange last night and I’d have to agree. I’ve heard the Mamas Gun single ‘Pots Of Gold’ on the radio and love it, but was completely blown away by the live show. What a band, and what great songs!

  3. i LIKED THE SECOND SHOT OF cRAIG dAVID. i CAN’T SAY MUCH ABOUT HIM AS AN ARTIST AS my knowledge is limited, but I am sure that his fans will skin you alive for not giving him a better review, lol!

    sorry for the caps.

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