One task that the new Mayor of London has ordered is the banning of alcohol on all Transport for London services (Tubes, buses, trams and DLRs) as of the 1st of June, 2008. With such a ‘decree’ sanctioned, ‘loyal‘ TfL passengers gathered at different times today on the tube network in a final act of defiance to drink any intoxicating beverage with full gusto. I guess many saw the opportunity as a big ‘tube-crawl’ (bad pun, I know!!) party. I was on the tube to the Barbican and encountered a whole bunch of revellers drinking & ‘fecking’ away merrily. To be honest, I reckon it was probably a reckless move, this party. Not that I’m being a kill-joy, but think about it: we all know how many people in this country cannot hold their alcohol, and yet, there they were, revved up like leprechauns ready to dance a conga line, tanked up to a drunken frenzy and nearly stupidly playing chicken right next to live tracks. What would Father Jack have to say about this ban, I wonder?

But that’s my observation. On a lighter note, I went to the Barbican to cover JohnMcLaughlin. Great music, but the lighting was crap. Oh, well: You can’t always get what you want:


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