If there is one thing that we Nigerians do and do very well, it’s to have fun. If we are going to dig deep into our pockets for a ticket to a gig that probably cost a fortune, we might as well enjoy every penny of it. So anyone not a Nigerian or never familiar with how Nigerians conduct themselves at music gigs and was expecting a sedated gig yesterday evening at the Barbican during Seun Kuti‘s gig was sorely mistaken. I have been blessed to have gone to a number of gigs at the Barbican this year alone, and I can confidently say that not of these gigs was as engaging or interactive as this gig. Even before Seun came to the stage, most of the audience was up and about dancing down the aisles. Yet, there were some English couples who just looked so out of place. You couldn’t slap these people to have a smile. I’m sure I read on their faces, Oh, how ghastly!! These people are actually dancing at the Barbican! Have they no shame?!?!?” Yeah! As if most Nigerians and other admirers of Afro-Beat really give a damn! Even before the gig started, you could tell that Nigerians were on the premises. “Ahhh, baba alaaye!! How far?!?” and other chest-beating salutations in their loud voices.

I have to say that Seun Kuti is a carbon copy of his dad, the late legendary Fela Kuti. Seun exudes a charisma and stage-showmanship that not many performers can pull off. I must admit that he’s dancing was a bit camp, but then again, look at the way Mick Jagger struts around like a endangered dodo! And while on the subject of dancing, may I just say that Beyonce or Shakira or any of those so-called dancers have NOTHING on the butt-shaking women that danced on stage yesterday night. Truly, be able to triangulate your derriere in multiple directions while being stationary is a gift!

Anyway, here are a couple of shots from the night. It’s about 12.14 am, and I have a busy day at work tomorrow:


2 thoughts on “His father's son: Seun Kuti at the Barbican

  1. Dude, I want to take gig shots like you when I grow up! *does I’m not worthy bow* It really was a wicked show!

  2. …gees!!…your written description and visuals are beautiful…i have wondered about seun after hearing mixed reveiws on him…especially in comparison to femi…seun is coming to la and in fact, as soon as i finish this comment, i am going to make sure the event is not sold out so i can go…i was not sure, but you have just convinced me…i especially love the last pic…and i second mish…you are remarkable!…

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