When I saw this clip, I just cringed!

You can tell that the dude has money to burn!! I mean, there’s a crack on one of my camera and I was freaking out! Hasn’t he heard of a strap??

Anyway, I was listening to my Ipod today and left the setting on random. An old King Sunny Ade track came on (‘Mo beru Agba’, which is a powerful track, if you understand Yoruba!) and it was actually at his London gig four years ago that really got me into gig photography. Here was a shot from the night, which in my honest opinion, was a complete fluke:

Well, it’s 5.30 and the sun is still shining. Time to go out and have some fun in the sun.. oh, yeah!!


5 thoughts on “Nikon Crash dummy!! (and King Sunny Ade)

  1. Yayyyyy….Sunny Ade!!! My vaguest memories of this guy was when he did that music video of a pregnant woman. I remember really loving that video. Every time it came up on TV, my eyes were glued. I remember how the woman rode on a bicycle just to go to the nearest health center to deliver her baby. I remember feeling like crying when she almost fell off the bicycle…

    Wow. Memories. From a beautiful picture.

  2. I can’t view the video for some reason 😦

    Anyway, a little bird told me it’s your birthday today (actually you mentioned it on my blog!) so hope you have a really nice birthday and I pray that the new year takes you to a higher level in your relationships, career, etc.

  3. Hi !
    I’m french and need to ask you something but I did not find your email adress.
    Is that possible to contact you by mail please?
    Read you soon,
    Alexandra 🙂

  4. I would like you to photograph Wole Soyinka. Make it happen!! or anyone alive from the african writer’s (preferably a nigerian, and then read the blog.)

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