Years ago at University, I remember a debate we had with one of the lecturers about the media.  The argument presented by the Professor was “News is a window into the world: Discuss.” I pondered on this for a couple of seconds and responded: “I reckon it depends on who’s window view you’re looking from.”

I’m not going to write a critique about news gathering and how views, issues and events are broadcast. That would just remind me off college all over again. Rather, have you noticed a really obnoxious yet subtle trend that’s been reported in newspapers in the UK?  Whenever a crime is committed that affects someone influential or important, there is always a mention of the price-tag of the house they live in, or how much said person earns, or the job title.  Next time you read the papers,  It’s always the same: ‘X-Y-Z, who is reportedly worth £12 Trillion, lives in a £20 Billion Home in trendy Chelsea, was a victim of heinous crime.’   If the same crime was committed in less glamorous surroundings, it would read like this: ‘A-B-C was stabbed on a housing Estate.  The victim was a shopkeeper/or an office worker.’  Although the former news item may be trying to highlight the fact that crime can hit anyone, you can’t but not help wondering whether the journalist writing the piece has a form of prejudice.  

I wish I could elaborate on this topic some more, but right now I have a bad bout of Hay-fever. Thank God I’m off today. I’m just going to chill while I try to sort this bunged nose and sneezes out. In the meantime, here’s a picture of Toumani Diabete at St. Luke’s last Friday:

Toumani Diabete




4 thoughts on “Quick Media rant & Toumani Diabete at St. Luke’s.

  1. “I reckon it depends on whose window u’re viewing it from” Lolll…an absolutely intelligent answer indeed. These days we can’t trust any source! Pls don’t let any Hay fever knock u out o. Don’t wanna miss my usual dose of artistic photos!!! (This one with the windows at the side and the multiple instruments is captivating).

  2. Eh ya pele o just use your sword fighting martial thingy and kick the hay to the kurb.

    I suppose it also depends on the type of news, if it is the good news i.e Gospel, then mos def that is my window :).

  3. Nice pic and the emphasis on wealth/financial worth pervades all aspects of modern living. Well, I am ashamed to say i have not heard Diabete’s music but am off to listen.

    Congrats on being the 200th member of Nigerian Bloggers on Facebook!

  4. You are so right with that comment “it depends on who’s window view you’re looking from”. I too have noticed that trend to tell us about the price of someone’s home when they are in the news, and I find it quite irritating. Recently there was a story about a lawyer who was shot by police. Newspapers started highlighting his job, his income and that of his wife and the price of their home. I’m like, is that really necessary for us to know?
    Anyway, hope you are feeling better now, no more hayfever!

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