It’s about 9.23 am and I am tired. I’m tired of the moronic Shennenigans of my local council. (Long story short: repairs that should have been fixed 3 months ago are still lingering!) So, here I am, waiting for the so-called powers that be to come and sort things out. Hah!! And what’s with the whole ‘Time-frame’ given to you; the so-called ‘A.M’ or ‘P.M’ call out. Don’t get me started on that.

So, as I’m sitting here just whiling away the time, I’ve picked up the copy of one of the Asian Magazine’s my missus bought, and I was intrigued by the short interview with a Pakistan director and the mention of his ‘Zombie’ flick, called Zibhakhana. Now, I’ve never seen this movie, and it would be unfair for me to pass judgment on it, but a Pakistan or Indian horror movie? You best believe that they’ll include some singing and dancing, and maybe for good measure, throw in some of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. Here’s one made earlier in the Telugu language:

But I digress. I went out yesterday to cover Matchbox 20. Actually a nice relaxing show:


3 thoughts on “Councils, Indo-Pakistan Zombies & Matchbox Twenty

  1. I feel like dancing. Let me in on the secret: how do u capture the best moments? The only Matchbox 20 song I ever liked was “Unwell.”

    Loll @ Indian and Pakistani horror movies…impossicant! 🙂

  2. Indian movies have moved on from the normal romantic stuff! Look at Krrish which is about a super hero! Who would have thought 30 years ago this would ever happen in bollywood! But it has! The change is happening!

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