“He who angers you controls you”– anon

There’s a scene in the classic black comedy anti war movie, Dr.Strangeglove, when a couple of politicians start fighting and someone shouts out, “You can’t fight here! This is the war-room!!”

Politicians love a good punch-up.  When they get passionate about their view, they really let rip.  The scary thing is that you never see, from the clips I’m about to show you, any Police officers or security around.  Here’s a line up of brawls that have taken place in buildings of governmental power:

Even the women are at it!:

Fellow Nigerians all over must be familiar with this clip: (point to note: don’t wear an ‘agbada’ in session!)

and finally, don’t insult big boned people!:


2 thoughts on “When politicians fight!!!!!

  1. This was pure hilarity, but it is still saddening that we can’t just agree to disagree without resorting to the basest elements of human nature.

    Hope all is well with you and yours?

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