Brain teaser & Dianna Reeves at the Barbican

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Wotcha, Pilgrims….

Over the years in my young working life, I have been taught certain invaluable lessons. One of them is this: never underestimate the support staff at the office. Sure, they may not be on the same salary as you, or not have the same educational degrees and diplomas adorning their walls, but be advised: they have certain ‘eerie’ powers that you don’t want to mess with. Just make sure at the next annual office quiz night, you have one of these guys on your team.

Take for instance a brain teaser that the office receptionist, ‘Shaz’, dropped on me a couple of weeks. She asked whether I’d like a chocolate bar, only if I could solve this puzzle: mention 5 countries in the world that end with the letter ‘L‘. A simple question, but did it tax my head! I only got 1 & half right, but I had to solve the answers in 3 minutes. So, without cheating, see if you can do better than me….

While I let you ponder over that, here’s a shot taken yesterday at the Barbican of Dianna Reeves. Lord, I need a D3 & Nikkor 300mm 2.8 soon! -) Let the church say, “Amen!” :


3 thoughts on “Brain teasers & Dianna Reeves at the Barbican

  1. Lolll…

    Three things that popped in this brain of mine: Lithuania (sp?), Luxemburg, and London (which is NOT a country)…and I’m not even sure if the first two names I formed exist….he he he.

    Oh my goodness, this photo is just…dazzling and emotional. Again, I can’t underestimate the way you capture the best moments. Can I get an autograph?

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