One of the great things about working on a Picture Desk is this: knowing that many of the fashion/glamour photography you see  has, in one degree or another, been retouched. Now, there is colour correction and getting the right tonal balance and such. I’ve also had images that we’ve had to remove certain creases and blemishes (and with good reason!) before it can make final print. And let’s face it: Imagery sells magazines. So, whenever I hear friends, especially the women, tell me that they wished they looked as good as “X-Y-Z” on the cover of ‘Look at me: I’m Famous!’, I wish there’s a disclaimer stamp at the bottom of the page warning people suffering from a low image esteem that most of the glamourous people you see in the mags have had extensive photoshop ‘rehandling’, and that’s usually after the main shoot, that normally involves an army of make up artists, photographer and assistants, prop handlers, PR teams, Diva Management Control, and such and such.

So that’s why I reckon people should check this site out. You’ll never look at celebrity or advertising images the same way again… mwuhahahahahahah… 🙂

We live in a superficial world as it is that having the ultimate look (what exactly is said look?!?!?) supposedly the in-thing.


One thought on “There's beauty, and then there's Retouching!!

  1. Lolllll…the said look is a “re-touched” look. The truth is that there’s really nothing like a perfect flawless person. Perfection can only be found in God. We’re all naturally filled with flaws, or else we’ll be robots instead.

    I enjoyed this post…lol. The views of someone who constantly works on a picture desk! Who better to tell us the real deal than you? 🙂

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