I wrote ages ago a blog about the snobbery most of us have towards the humble penny. Just to recap, it’s about how we tend to disregard the lowliest of the currency denominator, be it the Cent, Penny, or Kobo. Come to think of it, I hardly believe that the Kobo is even useful or relevant in Nigeria at this point in time. Try giving a spare kobo to a begger, and he will curse you with no hesitation! It’s even happening in the UK, too! (with pennies, of course..)

Anyway, I’ve seen a couple of instances lately where there’s a flip side to the penny snob. Have you noticed how sensitive and fine tuned our hearing and sight can be when we may have accidently dropped a currency note on the floor? Now, whenever a penny drops (literally!) it’s a with a kind of rough thud, and it’s totally ignored. But, drop by mistake anything higher than a 50p, our ears pick it out. No matter how noisy it is, our senses can pinpoint that sound of money falling. If you think I’m making this up, drop a pound coin, or better still, a £5 note for the desired effect. Failing using real money, drop a couple of Monopoly notes and observe the experiment at work!

In other news, I can’t stand delays. I hate it when people waste my time. Don’t get me wrong. Patience is a virtue and all that, but there’s patience and “You’re really trying my patience!”. So yesterday night, Lupe Fiasco was schedueled to perform at Koko yesterday at 9pm. I ought to know by now that this tends to never be the case, especially with hippity-hop and ‘R’n’B performers. Now, some minutes of delay can led to anticipation to whip up a frenzy from the crowd, but waiting for about 50 minutes??!?! Come on!! That’s not on. Maybe he was running late from somewhere, or getting his thoughts together in the zone, who knows. What I do know is that I missed working on another gig AND I had an almighty tummy-ache! (Yeah, I thought I should share that with you all!! 🙂 That’s why I like the Old School performers. If show-time states 8pm, I guarantee it’ll start there about.

But I’m not mad at Lupe. Nah, the boy did good (pardon my English!) at the show yesterday. That young lad has a gift and then some. Despite his delay, he did redeem himself and within a couple of minutes of him bouncing on to the stage like the mad hatter, all seemed to have been forgiven by the crowd. He was an absolute showman and he’s one of a few hip-hop artists whose album is on my Ipod. Anyway, here are a couple of shots from the night:


6 thoughts on “Penny snobs Part II & Lupe Fiasco at Koko

  1. First!!! Lolll @ Lupe’s mouth below. 50 minutes? That’s a lot of time…patience! Wow. I feel u on the “penny snob” thing. It’s funny how when coins drop our ears may turn deaf, but when a few notes drop, whether or not they make any sound…we can hear very clearly. Lol.

    You capture the best moments so well…

  2. Hhehehehehe, this ya penny philosophy no easy oh, so you mean in a couple of years, we’ll have “selective hearing”…the evolution of human hearing….hehehehehe good shots! how u dey, bros?

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