“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”Margaret Wolfe Hungerford (née Hamilton)

“If you really want to know what a beautiful person looks like,  wake up next to said person first thing the following morning”– My Mum.

Working within the visual industry, I get to see various sights from all over. With this in mind, you can’t deny that God has made everyone physically unique in one way or other. Granted, some people do abuse their bodies in one form or the other and they have no one to blame but themselves, and you have those who are born with ailments or sometime in their lives have a serious accident or crises. You also have those who take care of their bodies because, as someone once eloquently stated, “My body is a temple, that’s why I leave my boots outside!” I strongly believe that physical beauty is a gift. Like any other talent or asset that we have been blessed with, we either use it humbly, effectively and most importantly, maintain it. Either that or lose it. Do you remember back in school there was always that one person who was so fine and his/hubris was such that, later on in life, you come across that person again and age has not been kind to the person? The worst irony being that the one person who used be picked on at school for just being so ugly that they MUST have hit snapped every branch when falling from the ugly tree has now become a sight to behold in beauty. Sure, having a healthy body is a blessing, however beauty that is beholding to the eye is something else that just needs to be applauded.

Then there is the beauty that is Mayra Andrade. Oh, my sweet Lord! I reckon it’s been a while that I’ve been so gob-smacked by beauty that I’ve been distracted in doing my job. And so I find myself doing yesterday during her performance at the Barbican yesterday. Not only is she a beaut, she is a great singer, too:


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