First off, to all ye loyal readers of my ‘Aworan-isms & Aki’sms, I apologise for the lull.  E ma binu.  You all know what I mean..

If you live in the UK, you know that the weather kind of sucks at the moment. It could be better, then again it could also be worst. With the unreliability of the weather, you’re in the office contemplating how you’re going to go out and get some hot food for lunch. It’s 1pm, you get your massive umbrella and wrap up warm for Central London cold. And then you see a sight that never ceases to amaze you: people jogging. Jogging, kei? During working hours?? In this weather??? I can never fathom that. I mean, nuff respect for wanting to be healthy, but during working hours?!?!  Are  you going to Beijing to represent, or wetin??  “Oh, I do it to blow off steam!” That’s all well and good, but what if you go back into work and you have more problems? Wouldn’t it make more sense to jog after work? Man, the Europeans and Yanks in London love their jogging, o!

I was in the Hyde Park area yesterday for an assignment. On my way down, I lost count the number of joggers working up a sweat in the cold, all in the pursuit to stay healthy/blow of steam. You’d hear a ‘whoosh’ and see pairs of long, short, skinny, stubby, hairy, shaveless (You name it!) legs streak past you. I think I counted about 7-10 joggers within 5 minutes, all around 7pm. What I found more interesting was that all these excercisers were jogging at their own pace and not the sound of a single police siren!
I began to wonder whether you could pull this jogging malarky off in my neighbourhood. You don’t jog; you run, and in most cases, it’s because the police is after you, or a group or hooligans want to stab you, while the police are chasing them. Madness, I tells ya!! If anything, the only valid time, as a black person, you can run without the hassle is during the London Marathon. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “ki lo’n lemi?? (”What’s chasing me?”) Unless there’s an apocalyptic event that needs me running for dear life or there’s a bull on the rampage and charging towards me, or, God forbid, someone going ‘postal’, I-AM-Not-Running! I’ve done enough running in Niaja during student/political riots.

Anyway, as mentioned, went to cover an acoustic set of Ocean Colour Scene at the Hardrock Cafe. I’m not putting any of the shots up because, well, they suck.  So, as alternative I’m putting a shot I took about 4 years ago at Waterloo during the Summer heatwave.  The guy in the shot was so chilled basking in the sun, I could do with some of that right now! 🙂


5 thoughts on “What’s with the jogging?

  1. Awww. I love this picture! Very nice.

    There’s a bible verse (can’t remember where but probably proverbs) that says something like – a guilty man runs when no one is pursuing him (or something to that effect). I’m with you on the jogging thing, jare. Ki lo n’le mi indeed!

  2. The weather has sucked big time…cold,windy,rainy…typical london…
    I dont get the joggers either…but worse than the joggers I dont get the rush every where…
    Found myself rushing home the other day and wondered why….

  3. Yeah the weather has been awful and I’ve been down with a bug! So I can’t imagine jogging through the park in the wind and rain *shivers*
    LOL @ running in Naija during student and political riots! With reference to Undacovasista said, there is a Bible verse that says “The wicked fleeth when no one pursueth” lol!

  4. *Sigh* I can’t wait to just sit somewhere and just bask in the sun…another one of ur fabulous shots! Love it!!!

    Abt jogging. I don’t understand how people can stand jogging in cold weather. I tried it once and almost got frost bites! Since that day, I haven’t even been tempted…not even a little…:)

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