I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Bald is good. Fact! You don’t have to worry about losing you locks later in life; shaving costs are at a minimal and most importantly, God only made a few perfect heads… another fact! (Just kidding!) Not everyone can pull of the bald look (Look what happened to Poor Britney!) and if you do attempt to shave, pray you have the ability to grow your hair back again. Another good advantage to being bald is that should you ever be in a fight, your opponent has nothing to hold on to.  I train in martial arts, so I would know!  Ever seen two women fight? The first thing they grab is hair! Chei!!  I’ve already written about baldness here, but I’ve had someone just staring at my palette, either out of wonderment, horror or even worse: trying to stalk me! DUN-DUN-DAAAAAAA!

On a lighter note, yesterday saw the Africa Soul Rebels 2008 at the Barbican. Headlining the gig was Awadi, Salif Keita and Nigeria’s Tony Allen. It was a packed out event, and the show really did show that Africa has a rich, diverse quality of music and just pigeon-holing these variant musical genres under ‘World Music’ is a bit of a travesty. Just my opinion. Anyway, shots from the night:

Salif Keita:

Tony Allen:



6 thoughts on “Being Bald & highlight shots from African Soul Rebels 2008

  1. mmmmm mmmm I loves me a bald man, and I’m sure the missus does too. I totally agree with you on the point of women and their cat fights. I have seen many a women scalped because they weren’t bald. lol

    Nice pics, as usual.

  2. Still loving the way u capture ur images and make everything come alive. Def, Africa has a diversity of talents.

    Abt baldness…I reserve my comments…lollll…

  3. Don’t you just love keita? oh boy, these ya pics….haba! so cool! As for being bald….I don talk am say I no wan see dat kain thing for my wedding pikiture….e fit come aftrewards(afterall, shebi na for better and worse?) but I no wan make anybody spoil my pikiture ohhhhhh.

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