Ever had one of those moments before that you’re positively sure it’s someone you know and you get it spectacularly wrong? Well, one of those dumb moments happened on friday evening. I had just left work and was on my way to cover a gig. While on the tube platform, I zeroed in on a couple I thought I knew. The guy looked like an old friend called Leon (“My liege!) , and I was so sure of it. Although I’ve never met Leon’s missus in the flesh, I’d seen pictures of her and the woman looked just like her. Initially I was beginning to have doubts because I didn’t see ‘Leon’s’ camera bag, but I thought to myself: “He doesn’t have to be a photographer 24/7!” So, I did the London thing: I made sure that it was whom I thought it was. It all seemed Kosher. I then proceeded to do the Lagos (Nigeria) thing: give my Salutations. As you can imagine, the guy quickly turned round with a protective arm around his partner. From a smile on my face to complete embarrassing horror my face morphed on realising that it wasn’t whom I thought it was. Man, I got apologising pronto! Although the couple completely understood, they moved carriages when they realised I was going to be on the same one. I’d have done the same!

I reckon it must have been that Friday feeling. Anyway, here are a couple of shots from the gig that I was going to. The performer is a young lass called Kaki King. Not really my kind of music, but for what it’s worth, she could captivate an audience with her amusing anecdotes:


5 thoughts on “Wrong person & shots of Kaki King…

  1. LOL! wahahahaha!! Classic stuff, bud! How could you POSSIBLY believe that there’s more than one person in the world that’s as cool as me? 😉

    Nice one..


  2. Hahaha I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hit (literally)because people assumed I was somebody that I wasn’t lol. The shock on their faces when I turn around and I’m not who they thought I was. lol

    I can just imagine your face when you figured that they weren’t who you thought they were. haha

  3. LOLLLL…I’m trying to imagine what u could possibly have said to them! LOLLLL…yeah, it was one of those days, eh?

    Nice pic…the way u capture these images is amazing. I almost feel like I was there, listening.

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