It’s a slow Friday at the office at the moment, so here are a couple of shots I took yesterday night at different locations.  First off was Ute Lemper at the Shaw Theatre:

I then had to dash down to Central London and take pictures at the Astoria of a DJ set called ‘Justice’.  As you can imagine, the venue was rammed, and this being an NME event, I was worried about the camera gear I had with me.  At gigs like this, the likely hood of some schmuck throwing a beer can or glass of water at you for no reason at all is pretty high.   I therefore decided to shoot from the balcony based on a tip supplied from a colleague of mine.  Good thing too, because there’d have been no way of getting a decent shot from the pit:

No, I don’t understand why they have the crucifix. Part of their identity, I guess.

Have a blessed weekend, whatever you do.


4 thoughts on “2 gigs, 1 night… (Ute Lemper & Justice..)

  1. It’s the stage lights that come on during the performance.. Sometimes is deep red, or orange, or bright blue. That’s why I have a theory that the stage lighting guys have it in for photographers.:->

  2. All these artists that use religious symbols simply for the sake of publicity and infamy, really should stop. Obviously, I don’t know if that is the case here, but people could at least try to respect some of the things that others hold sacred. Oh well, nice pics as usual, Akin!

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