A bit of Friday fun: Apparently Barak and Hillary have decided to kiss and make up! Hah!! Foolish mortals! Have they never read Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’? It’s like saying Obasanjo and Abubakkar finally deciding to let bygones be bygones. When it comes to Politics, it’s just a gimmick.

So, for a bit of Friday fun, give this picture a caption (In good taste, may I add!!) and you just might win a prize, say, like a cookie!!!!

(C) Getty


10 thoughts on “Caption the picture Friday Competion

  1. I knew that this warm embrace would make the news. Lol. This morning everyone is talking abt it. The debate was so interesting, I loved every second of it. And yeah…I love Obama. O-for-Obama!!!!!!!! Lollll…

  2. ok, that wasn’t too nice…..lol…

    How about….

    Obama: Let me make you a real woman.

    Hillary: It don’t look like it works.

    hahahhahaahah… I better stop seeing as I cant think of anything political…

  3. Sometimes I think acting and politics go hand in hand. Little wonder some very good actors found it easy to make the switch (Regan, Schwarzenegger, etc)…

  4. Obama: I know you are really a guy
    Hillary: I know more about your dealings with Antoin Rezko
    Obama: If you won’t tell, I won’t tell
    Hillary: alright then…

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