(Quick note: half this blog is going out in Pidgin, so if you don’t understand any of this, I apologise in advance… 🙂 )

Nah wa o.. see me see trouble o! So, man pikin dey for waka where em dey have ‘evaluation’. So far, no palaver. My immediate oga dey conduct this review and tell me say, “So far o, you dey do waka well, well. But you get one problem!” “Problem, kei?” I ask am sey which problem be dis, o. “You no be team playa!” I no be team-playa, kei? Which kin nonsense be dat? Ok, sha.. wetin I do, o? Na I give client problem? De editors no like de way wey I commission?? I get wrong image?? Wetin I do wrong??”, I ask am? “Well, nah oga patapata tell me say you no interact for one kin induction wey we do for Monday past. Oga patapata say you no chop during team lunch!” O ga, o!! You fit wan tell me say because dem they serve sandwich for lunch whey I no fit craze to chop, when I bring my own Niaja made rice and fish stew, I no be team playa?? BABA N’LA PETTINESS!! The ting wey vex me sef na be dis: dem people no be my team!

Anyway, now that I’ve got that out, I had to go out during my lunch break to cover British Jazz Legend Stan Tracey at the Barbican. A good thing, too. There’d be no way that I or any of the photographers would have snapped a decent shot during the main performance due to movement restrictions and harsh lighting. That said, though, the sound check was awesome. And (get this), we actually managed to go on stage to shoot to get some great angle shots! Can you imagine that kind of freedom with some of these ‘shakara’ performers these days? Anyway, shot from the sound-check:


5 thoughts on “O ga fun craziness o!! (And pictures of Stan Tracey)

  1. LMAO!! He probably said, “I don’t appreciate his arrogance toward our culture…why can’t he eat our sandwiches??? Is he too good for them?” lol

  2. LMAO! You no be team player for real, if you wan play team you for bring a cooler of rice and stew make you share with them. You for make sure say the stew get plenti pepper o, na then de, go know team player.

  3. LOL….This issue of Nigerian food in the workplace abroad rears its head over and over again…

    So this is a first for me but i have no idea who Stan Tracey is

  4. Heheheheh!ah! my dear, make I tell you one thing wey i notice: What about the vegeterians? They get away with anything. They are NEVER team players! Everytime food is concerned, those ones don’t give a damn, they just do their own thing anyway…no mind them, why should anyone spend the ridiculous amount they want for those horrible sandwiches? You save a lot of money when you have your own lunch. The truth is that a lot of men would rather take their own lunches but their wives can not be bothered to cook. Here, a lot of people take their own luches, especially the older generation, and of course now, the “hip” younger generation that do not eat all that bread and stuff, pack their own luches. The few that go out to eat, eat real meals, not sandwiches, and they often bring it back to the office too! Anyway, tell your people to get with the program, being healthy these days is no joke! Carry on my brother, they are all welcome to bring their own lunch packs as well.

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