You know what I’m on about: you might just so happen to have a boss/domineering partner/‘Hitlarian’ acquaintance to whom you start playing, in your head, certain themes like Empire Strikes Back’, ‘Psycho’ and Richard Wagner’sRide of the Valkyries’. I got thinking about this earlier this morning and visualised the hundreds of thousands of people plugged in to their ipods/MP3/archaic Sony Walkman. So, begs the question: what theme tune/track do people identify you with? One of my colleagues is crazy about folk music and everytime I hear any kind of ‘folky’ kind of music, I have this image of her dressed in all white, with a mug of fresh mead in one hand, a lute in another, and hopping around a huge bonfire up on the hills. I even have a theme/soundtrack for the missus, which is this track from her favourite composer, AR Rahman. Even I have my own favourite theme from the band ‘Fourplay’ close family and friends associate me with, although in saying that, though, others might have other themes in mind about me that I have no idea about.  Some tunes even compel you to do something nuts. All you have to do is to hear the track in question, and whoah!! You just go into hperdrive!

So, what’s your theme?


9 thoughts on “What theme tune are you?

  1. I am going to quote Woody Allen on this one: ‘Everytime I listen to Wagner I get the urge to invade Poland’. Truth be told, everytime I heard ‘Ride of the Valkyries’, I have this feeling that I am invincible. Damn you, Richard.


  2. Hmm…funny enough I’ve always asked this question; if we all had a soundtrack to our life, what would it be.

    I think mine would be a mix tape (or CD) of different genres that complement my many different personalities and moods. Right now it’s Coldplay’s “Spies” but tomorrow it could be Kanye West’s “Coming Home.”

    P.S.-I apologize for the MIA…I was hiding from someone.

  3. This is a hard one and I ask my husband what kind of music will go with me! Well he said any type of Bhangra! He also said you just need a good beat and there I go onto the dance floor!

  4. Just one theme ke,I have to go for therapy mehn because there are so many of them.

    From Barrister, Sunny Ade, Ola Johnson to redeemed praise ati bebe lo.

    Maybe others have a tune for me sha.

    My own tune for you is not a tune per se, it is more like everytime I see your signature I want to sun rara – yoruba poetry “nle Akin omo Aworan, O woran titi o delu oyinbo, bi Akin bati gbe irinse re si iwaju, ki gbogbo eniyan jankan jankan gbaradi, odi kpishnk, kpishink, Akin nya photo lo niyen, nle omo baba e loke odo”

    I hope you understand that language if not get someone to interprete

  5. I would have to say “Punjabi muzik” helps me get over any heartbreaking situation…or simply, any muzik that I don’t have to understand what the musician is saying…

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