Right now, people all over the world, are dreading Monday. If ever there was a day packed with phobia, it has to be Monday. I guess one of the reasons could be that it’s the start of a new week, interviews, encounters and such. As per usual, when I ask my colleagues at work how there weekend was, they’d respond with the normal, “Oh, I had a quiet weekend, shame it’s a Monday!” or, “I had a great & fantastic, but hate Mondays!!” “But why with the prejudice?!?!? Thus I counter with as such:

Me: “So, is it that you hate Mondays?”

Person: “Oh, yeah!!”

Me: “So, say for the sake of argument, you so happen to be in Thailand, chilling out in a hammock at sunrise, and you have a deep-sea dive that takes place at 7.30 am on a Monday, would you still have qualms with this day of the week?”

Person: “Hell, no!!”

Me: ” Let me get this straight: you wouldn’t mind doing all that on a Monday in a different country, and yet you hate the day all the same? Is it more just about a case of what you’re waking up to?”

I guess that’s food for thought.  Anyway, have a great Monday, where ever and whatever you’re doing. 🙂


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