So, yesterday night was the normal rush hour for people to catch that last minute train from work. As anyone with commuting experience will tell you, there is a 99.9 percent chance of you ramming into someone. It’s just one of those things.

So, I was on my way training at London Bridge and had a near miss collision with none other than ye mayor of London, Red Ken. That’s right, Mr Livingstone, with his Detective Colombo trench-coat and his scarf wrapped around his head like an English Ninja, nearly smacked right into me. Of course, thanks to the ‘Ak Tube-jitsu’, I managed to counter his move and left him to make a dash for probably an important appointment. (which he actually was!)

To be honest, I actually found the encounter very interesting.  Here’s a Mayor that, think what you may about him, actually puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to transport.  Some people would actually abuse their position, what with an entourage and such.  It reminded me of the last time that I was back home (Nigeria) and I was stuck in traffic for a while because a ‘very important Government official’ was coming on the same road, thus creating a huge tailback.  You had the ‘Mobile Police’ with sirens blaring and ‘koboko’ (whip) indiscriminately lashing out.   Turns out that all the ‘fun-fare’ was for the State Commissioner for Housing or something trying to get through.  Of course, everyone around was livid, but there are certain arguments you just can’t win with a trigger happy cop.  Funny though: can you imagine that happening in UK?


5 thoughts on “Close encounters…

  1. Welll…lol…You had an almost encounter…cool stuff…

    Probably wont happen in the UK cos the roads are soooo damned choked as it it…LOL

  2. Well Akin the same thing happened to me with the same person that you have mentioned! I was walking around in Lesiester square and turned around to move to another area and who did I bump into the very man himself! It gets around!

  3. Wish i could have bumped into Ken. I would have given him a piece of my mind about:

    1) the rising cost of public transport
    2) the rising cost of council tax
    3)His frequent and unecessary trips to India, Venezuela etc, all on tax payers money!!!
    At which point, his body guards (they must be lurking around somewhere. so many people want a piece of that guy that i’m sure they don’t let him just wander the streets of London alone) would tackle me to the ground and throw me in jail 🙂

  4. I have said it again and I will say it one more time. I LOVE Ken, I think he rocks. And there you go, a man who puts his money where his mouth is!! How many politicians do that?

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