I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love my ‘gaddamn’ job. I really do. (For those of you who don’t know, I work as a Picture Editor during the day for a publishing company.) While most people would have been struggling to get out of bed this morning, I was ready to take on the world. I got into the office, and as was to be expected, to a whole bunch of emails generated during the Christmas break. However, there was one mail that really stood out that I just had to share. It was from an irate contributor to one of the mags that I work on. The contributor in question had sent in a really, really bad image to be used in the article that he was submitting. My editor passed the image to me to confirm whether the image was good for print or not. Of course, this image was crap for print quality. I did try contacting said subject as to whether he could send in another image, to which he never responded to. So, imagine my amazement when I got this email from my editor that was sent in from ‘the subject’. (all names, magazines and places have been deleted to protect the innocent (i.e me & my job!) & the visually inept!):

Dear ‘Editor’,

With regards to ‘Rantbox’ column opinion articles, as we all know, are published alongside with the writer’s picture. You e-mailed me requesting for my picture and I sent it to you/ and your ‘mag’ well over a month before the print date.

Can anyone possibly EXPLAIN to me why such my well written piece is published as “rantbox” material without my picture. Come to think of it, I have NEVER recieved an SM MAGAZINE issue since I started subscribing over 31 months ago that had a “pictureless” soapbox published article.

I am HIGHLY disapponted, am saddened and I think it’s UNFAIR that for once an “African SM contributed write” makes soapbox material and the magazine goes to print without his picture.

Sad monent when I recieved my copy… just plain sad.


A ‘Appiah’ – MCIPS.

You can tell that the dude is really upset by highlighting his anger in bold red, just to make his point!  And of course, you can see the irony to this mail, which is that I, an African, actually vetoed against using his picture because the quality just sucked, and he claims that it’s unfair as an African not to have his picture used. If the Picture Editor was White and ‘Politically Correct’, I can see how it would cause a ‘diplomatic incident’. But seeing I’m a Nigerian, it really can’t be seen as a racist move. (Unless he wants to bring to light when Buhari expelled Ghanians back in the 80’s from Nigeria.) Anyway, before I could send an email to explain the decision why his image wasn’t used, my editor sent one to him to apologise. Besides, I’ve seen better picture quality sourced from other parts of Africa, especially Botswana, and used in the publication. 🙂

Anyway, it seems like it’s going to be a blessed, fruitful and busy year. To everyone, have a great 2008.


7 thoughts on “Back to work & first picture complaint of the year!

  1. Oh well… it’s a good start to a good year eh?

    Even if you explained your reason fro not using the pic, I am not sure the dude will be ready to hear that a pictureless article is better than a bad pictured article…!

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