Wotcha all, and merry christmas to all of you. By now, most of you have been given presents which you probably didn’t really want, but all the same, you’re ‘thankful’ and hope that they kept the receipt so you can change .  Others are going indulge like it’s the last day, so it’s time to pig out and then some.  Me, I’m with family and friends and have just been offered a mince pie.  Now, being the Nigerian ‘bush boy’ that I am, I actually thought it’d be real meat. Did I sorely get that wrong. So, as a rule, I scoope all that ‘mince crap’: (a mixture of dried fruits, raisin, spices and at times, alcohol!!) and just eat the pastry.

Anyway, have a great Christmas! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Merry Crimbo….

  1. Shit, same thing happened to me recently…boss asked if we wanted mince pies for christmas in the office and my voice was loudest in the yes department….What a shocker…couldn’t eat more than one and I have been in the UK for over 3 years..Thought it was full of meat…lol

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