So yesterday night saw us partake in the Yearly Office Christmas party. As this was my first Christmas with the company, I decided to make an appearance. Although the dress code was Black tie, I decided to go traditional. (No way am I paying £100 for a monkey/penguin suit that I might just wear once a year!!)

Since I’m not going to gossip about this and that, or who did what, when & where, here are a couple of things that I observed that is a normal common occurrence wherever  Office Christmas Parties are held:

I. Many people actually look really nice when they scrub up!

II. Nothing personal, but not everyone photographs well… fact! (I should know!)

III. Free booze does not mean overkill.

IV. Not every is born to dance.

V. Holding on to mistletoe like it’s a magic wand does not conjure up kisses.

VI. You only have yourself to blame if guys keep staring at your heaving bosoms because of what you’re wearing!

VII. The ones you think are Office Ghengis Khans are actually pussycats.

VIII. Because it’s an office party doesn’t mean you should still yak on about work! Sheesh!! Curb your enthusiasm!!

IX: There are other employees you will never get to see save for once a year.

X: It might be the Office Christmas Party, but it doesn’t mean we have to pretend to get along!

XI: The Office Christmas party does NOT give you the right to have a go at management, especially if you still have to work with the same company the next year!

XII: Guaranteed, you WILL be the subject of ‘Chit-Chat’ (i.e gossip!) in one form or other. 

XIII: Just as you’ve noticed in the office environment, and as you’ll realise at the Christmas party: Some people are still kill-joys, bossy, and just too serious that a smile would actually kill! 

XV: Always make sure you’ve tanked up on food of your choice before you go to the Christmas party, because you WILL be disappointed by the choice, especially if your a Nigerian.

XIV: There is a high probability that you might never, ever see some colleagues the same way again… ever. 

That’s it. Have a great run up to Christmas, people…

3 thoughts on “The office Christmas Party: aftermath

  1. “You only have yourself to blame if guys keep staring at your heaving bosoms because of what you’re wearing!”

    FUNNY!!! …..

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