Although yesterday was the end to the 2007 London Jazz Festival, it ended for me on Saturday seeing a jazz legend genius at work.  It’s been a great week of music, and then some.

I was booked down for Saturday night to take pictures of Jazz great, Sonny Rollins.  However, I was also called at the last minute to see whether I’d like to take some shots back stage of the maestro during an interview before his main at the sold out Barbican gig.  Now, who the heck am I to say no??

Although I didn’t get to take that many shots during the interview, it was an honour to just listen to Sonny Rollins talking about his time with Theolonius Monk and Charlie Parker. I mean, how cool is this job??

Anyway, it was during the interval of the main performance, I was in the lobby filing the pictures that I had taken,  when an Eastern European lady who had come to see the performance began chatting with me. She then made an interesting observational question: “How comes there aren’t that many black people here to see this gig?  Why don’t black people come out to support gigs like this?”  I guess she might have a point: I could count a ratio 9:1 other than black faces around.  Then again, it’s a matter of choice.

Anyway, getting pictures from this year’s festival could not have happened by the grace of God, and also through the help of the following people, to whom I owe a big thanks to:

Alex, Gbenga, Spencer, Oliver, Lucinda, Sabine, Sorcha, Paul, Sheela & Maija.  Thanks a lot, guys. Muchos gratias.


3 thoughts on “Pictures of Sonny Rollins at the Barbican

  1. Hmmm, i find the ladies question interesting. Just because jazz was pioneered by black artists does not mean that black people must listen to it. Not saying that blacks do not enjoy jazz, but like anything else, ALL PEOPLE enjoy music. Yeah, that could have been considered a loaded question. What did you say in response?

    Anyway, I am not familiar with Mr. Rollins but that shot of him and your description makes him sound like one cool dude.

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