Men: no matter how macho we like to think we are; no matter how much we believe that we are in control of a situation, there are those moments in life that strike fear/tension/heart racing moments. One such instance that every guy (unless he is an abusive, controlling punk!) in every country in any dialect would inevitably have to hear from his wife/partner/girlfriend/mistress are these words that I believe have been uttered from time in memorial:

“We Have to Talk!”

That line has such a hold over us.  It’s like Kryptonite.  Even if we haven’t done anything wrong, (or you’d like to believe you haven’t) just hearing those words alone just throws you into a world of doubt. Many guys just get paranoid from hearing those words.  You’re tummy churns and this is the moment of many moments when you have to test your full skills as a diplomat or negotiator in your relationship. Oh, and these moments of “W.H.2.T” can spring at any moment, like in the early hours of the morning, or just when you’ve dressed up and all to wine and dine.  The “W.H.2.T’ issues can range from what you might think is trivial and she doesn’t, to what you think is serious, and she really, really thinks is a Life or Death situation.

Anyway, it’s just one of those thoughts that I’ve wanted to blog about. I want to expand on it, but right now I’m tired. So, before I sign off, here are pictures taken yesterday night of Paco De Lucia at the Royal Festival Hall during the ongoing London Jazz Festival. It was a sold out gig, and I could tell why. If you’ve never heard any of his stuff, but you like Flamenco, check this dude out:


3 thoughts on ““W.H.2.T” (and more pictures from the London Jazz Festival)

  1. I can’t find ur email, so I ‘ll just write here, are any of the pics up for sale? There are a couple I really like, I can imagine them blown up, in my library, think about it…..

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