… on my way into work:

1. No matter how bad your personal hygiene is, no matter how much you stink to the high heavens, Londoners will still STAND next to you in a busy carriage during rush hour; still keep a stiff upper lip and only complain about the stench through the many contortions pulled on their faces.

2. Londoners like to show off their multi-talented skills by trying to read and walk during rush hour.

3. Free Newspaper vendors will indiscriminately thrust papers into you, even if you don’t want it.

4. Free offers of Kit-kats are scooped up by people making their way to the gym.

5. Many Londoners have a death wish!

6. Tube carriages are human versions of tuna cans, hence squashed moments.

7. Not everyone can speak English.

8. Not all the English can actually speak the English Language.

9. The ticket barriers can be a nuisance.

10. The Hammersmith line truly does suck.

11. No matter how cold it is, you’re bound to come across a bunch of nicotine addicts who are willing to risk pneumonia just to inhale!

12. Most Londoners would rather DIE than smile in the morning.

13. Many people should never, EVER, have the opportunity to own a mobile phone due to a complete misuse of this technology.

14. Not everyone in a suit is important.

15. The ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ is truly stiff!

16. Chivalry rarely, if ever, exists. Just ask any pregnant woman these days.

17. Many people will lose their hearing within the next 10 years because of blasting the music up into their eardrums!

I’m sure there are more things that will come up during my journeys into work, but I’ll continue another time.

As it’s the London Jazz Festival, I’ve just got in from covering an amazing gig at the Barbican. It was the Steve Reid ensemble. His performance reminded me very much of Trilok Gurtu, but that’s just me. Here’s a shot from the night:


3 thoughts on “Steve Reid & Things that I have learnt….

  1. Ol boy, the way you dey blog these days ehn? After I update once, I go see say you don put 3 posts. Meanwhile, I like the B/W feel of this picture, and men, the way you caught that drumstick gives me the feel of a “live performance”. Men, I wish I was there o

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