Every now and then, I hear people being asked to define love.  There are so many interpretations out there but never really manages to deliver in our relationship towards one another.   Bear in mind, though, that there is a massive difference between ‘Love‘ & ‘Desire‘.  The countless romantics out there love to keep the 14th of February as THE day to really emphasis their love, and not just by words, but by really, truly, showing your affections by gestures of buying roses, expensive dinners, etc.  Nothing wrong with that at all. But that’s just one day in a year.  How about the remaining 364 (or 365, if you count a leap year!)

Whenever I’m asked, I just refer people to read the 1 Corinthians 13:13. It is really, really hard to love, but I believe that we can love, just as it’s written in this chapter, but not by our power, but by the Grace of God.  I mean, if you someone slapped us around the face, can you turn the other cheek? You’re just asking for a can of whoop-ass, especially from me!! No, I believe that it’s by God’s grace that I would want to turn the other cheek!

But that’s my honest opinion.  On a lighter note, the London Jazz Festival continued with Charles Tolliver performing at the Queen Elizabeth Hall yesterday.   What more can I say, rather than it being an amazing and breathtaking performance. It’s a big shame that it wasn’t a full house, probably because he isn’t really a house hold name. Irrespective, I reckon people missed out:


One thought on “Defining Love & Charles Tolliver at The London Jazz Festival

  1. On the love thing…WORD!

    Akin abeg what do you do for a living, are you like a journalist or somefink…with all this festival and shows you cover.

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